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Line drawing of Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall
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Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall
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Capital Campaign
A New Vitality for its Second Century

Line drawing of Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall

Since its official launch in November 2003, the campaign to restore, renovate and revitalize the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall has secured donations and pledges totaling more than $2,465,000. Thank you!

Reaching the overall $8.6 million goal will take deep commitment, effort and generosity from who care about this beautiful historic facility and its service to Carnegie and surrounding communities. However, gifts from federal, state, and local government, private foundations and corporations, and the more than 680 people who contributed $518,000 to secure a matching $500,000 Community Challenge Grant have given the campaign wonderful momentum.

The effort is ongoing: Please make your tax-deductible donation payable to the Chartiers Valley Partnership, One Veterans Way, Carnegie, PA 15106.

The goals of the campaign are ambitious but straightforward: to bring back the Library and Music Hall as the gem of the Chartiers Valley. Built as a gift of the people, the ACFL&MH; has served as a center of education, enjoyment, enrichment and community activities since 1901. But time and lack of resources have taken a serious toll.

The $8.6 million capital campaign will secure the structural integrity of the building while dramatically upgrading its capacity to serve the public. Improvements include:

  • Refurbishing the building to secure the building's "envelope" and make it resistant to the ravaging effects of water;
  • Renovations to meet ADA/accessibility, life safety and code requirements, along with aesthetic improvements;
  • System upgrades to improve heating and ventilation and add air conditioning;
  • Redesigns of parking, landscaping, and lighting;
  • Improvements to the computer and data systems;
  • Historic restoration, repair and replacement; and
  • Making the facility attractive, welcoming, vibrant and user-friendly.

Thanks to the generosity of its neighbors and supporters, work on Phase I of the building began in November 2004. Come summer 2005, the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall will time be fully accessible, offer modern and plentiful restrooms, and enjoy myriad electrical, mechanical and plumbing upgrades.

The ultimate vision of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall Campaign is a vibrant regional cultural center offering a quality library, thriving theatrical performances and resources that will meet the educational, cultural and civic needs of the Chartiers Valley communities.

In its extraordinary response to meeting the Community Challenge - contributions of more than $60,000 came in the final two weeks between the devastating impact of Hurricane Ivan's flooding and the September 30th challenge deadline - the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall learned anew what it means to be the "beacon on the hill."

Please help ensure this light shines even more brightly for its second century of service.

For further information about the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall Campaign, contact Maggie Forbes, Acting Executive Director/Campaign Manager 412/247-5371.

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