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Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall
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Penny Perlman Remembers Our Library

Photo of Penny Perlman while in the second grade "When I was in second grade, I made several trips by myself to the library in Carnegie. Each time I went there I would choose the same book to read. It was the Wizard of Oz and I was totally captivated. I would sit at the small reading table and lose myself in another world. One day when I was ready to go home, the librarian told me that I could check out the book and take it home with me. I was totally delighted. That was one of my fondest memories of going to the Carnegie Library up on the hill."

Penny Perlman grew up in Carnegie in the 1950's. She was in the second grade when this picture was taken.

We would like to hear from other people with good stories about the library or music hall. Please give your story and a picture to a librarian. If you include your address, we will return the picture to you.

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