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Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall
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Carnegie Writers Group Meets at Library

The Carnegie Writers Group meets at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall the first Saturday of each month to share ideas and challenges. This creates a monthly deadline that encourages each member to progress in their work. New members are welcome to join.

The Carnegie Writers Group recently published, with the assistance of Carnegie Renaissance, a folio of the work that they had read on January 2nd at the 3rd Street Gallery. The folio is being sold for $5 at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall. The proceeds from the sales go equally to the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall capital funds drive and to Carnegie Renaissance.
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Excerpts from the folio:
....The white van pulled into a portico located at the side of the Gordon Pharmaceutics building. "Are you ready to go, Gary," Pat asked. "Yes, I suppose so," replied Gary with a tone of resignation....
-from the novel in progress "Transition", Robert L. Ivey, Jr

....In Carnegie at the end of Arch Street that runs next to Chartiers Creek,
There used to be a house of wood, old and weathered, on stilts,
So that when it flooded every year, the creek ran under the house,
Not through it. And the canoe stored under the porch
Floated up....
-from the poem "The Old House", Mary Hof

Carnegie Bursting with Culture logo ....That time in our life when we felt sheer joy at the simplest acts. Tumbling down hills, climbing back to their summits, just to do it all over again...Hiding and seeking the hours away....
-from the short story "You're It", Amber Smida

....Signs of approaching spring fill my senses in the mild air on my skin, the scent of damp soil and the shrieks of children as they run in frenzied circles of freedom, much like the birds swooping and circling above whistling their mix of songs....
-from the essay "On Planting Peas", Bernadette E. Kazmarski

Photo of the Carnegie Writers Group

Some of the members of the Carnegie Writers Group are pictured above. They include: Dolly Carlson, Mary Hof, Larry Ciptak (holding the folio), Bob Ivey, and Theresa Dominick.
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